001. Redulfus, Gague and Talos have returned to the observatory to give Galgrim his parts and wait for Eli and Annon to return with Albaric’s book. Albaric had grown concerned with the length of time it has taken the rest of the party to complete his task.

002. The group considered riding to Selvar to check up on Annon and Eli – ensure no trouble had befallen them and Albaric wanted to join them along with Galgrim for his own peace of mind. Gague disguised himself as Galgrim to fool Albaric into staying at the observatory and letting the party complete the task in the way they see fit.

003. Redulfus received a message delivered by a hireling to the observatory from an old colleague, Siddara Thall asking him for help in Drumlock as there have been strange goings on that he wished to discuss in person. Redulfus had served with Siddara as a holy guard in Drumlock some years ago.

004. The group decided to first attend the meeting with Redulfus’ old friend beforehand and see if they could help and earn some coin for doing it (they figured Annon and Eli would probably turn up any day anyway).

005. The group arrived in Drumlock after a 2 day journey and head straight for The Nag’s Trousers, an inn that Redulfus had frequented on many occasions (he was sure they could book rooms for the night). Siddara Thall arrived shortly after the party had begun to eat their first decent meal in a few days and explained the content of his letter.

006. Siddara explained that the wood had seen strange activity at dusk and thereafter. Murmurings and moaning have been heard in the darkness and some residents of Drumlock even report seeing figures slowly swaying through the wood and a glow coming from the old ruin of the temple of The Raven Queen nearby. He was unsure of the source of the strange activity however he suspected it may be souls no longer living, the smell of death had been a little stronger in Drumlock of late.

007. The party agreed to travel to the wood at once, determined not to wait until the fall of the next dusk and when they arrived they too could hear the wood speak in a terrifying and unnatural way.

008. Redulfus took out his holy symbol, bowed his head and shut his eyes. He channeled his divine energy into sensing the elements of good and evil around him to give him some insight into what he has lead the party into. His ears begin to ring and he is sure; after raising his head he speaks one word – undead.

009. Gague spotted a rotted skeleton, looming in the distance. He alerted the rest of the group and a battle ensued. The monstrosities seemed to keep coming from every direction until after several hours they were slain. The party, exhausted and wounded decided to set up camp for the night where they stood, they began to burn the bodies and sleep. Siddara took the first watch.

010. Everyone awoke the next morning to find Siddara exhausted and covered in blood and wounds. He told the party that he had fought off another hoard of skeletons that had approached the camp while the party slept – he did not wish to wake them as they had traveled far. The group readied their belongings and told Siddara to return to the town and rest, he told them that if they did not return by nightfall he would ride again to the wood to aid them.

011. The party arrived at the ruined temple of The Raven Queen and saw no sign of the glow, they searched it nonetheless and found a staircase still in tact leading underground. They descended the steps to the catacombs of the temple and were met by undead guards.

012. While Talos, Gague and Redulfus hacked at the corpse guards a ghostly looking man with eyes white and glazed over like beads filled with smoke burst through a door forcing the party back with a powerful shock-wave as he did. He darted through the entrance to the catacombs in the direction of an underground exit.

013. The party tried their best to stop the man from escaping, throwing violent assaults at him relentlessly. Talos and Gague both suffered his wrath, he produced a black orb and shot a beam of dark energy straight for them, and both were collapsed in an instant, the feeling of death creeping over them.

014. Redulfus fought to protect his incapacitated companions and dealt blow after blow to his party’s attacker but no matter how many times he hurt this man he still stood tall. Redulfus stood in front of his friends, wounded and exhausted and their assailant fled. Redulfus tried his hardest to cure Talos and Gauge’s injuries, but he could not fully heal them. After he brought them both to they knew they must leave this place and rest.



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