Seeing Specks


//RECAP// The party had traveled to an observatory upon word of paid work given by an old specksman. They arrived and met Nuria Lisle, a young apprentice who asked them if they would also complete a task for Galgrim, a dwarf who lives and works in the observatory: he needed some more nuts and bolts for his work however he did not have time to go himself. Albaric, the old specksman ushered Nuria back to her work and took the party to his study and they were told after some reluctance that the quest was to collect a scroll from a dark and treacherous place, The Red Wood. An old colleague of his had left it in a cavern deep inside The Red Wood, exactly where inside the cavern he was not sure but he definitely knew it was in there somewhere…

001. The party traveled through The Red Wood in the direction of the cavern and saw what looked like shadowy figures shuffling through the wood..

002. As the party delved deeper into the wood they saw that their eyes did not deceive them, shuffling blights began to surround them, longing to soak their roots in blood.

003. They fought their way through the needled monstrosities, however they seemed to keep coming. The group realized that the blights can release spores to signal other blights to awaken and feed.

004. The party reached the cavern after cutting down the blights, severing their roots from their bodies. Before the entrance they saw a corpse which showed signs of an unusual killing method and trails of blood and human feces leading to the mouth of the cavern.

005. Entering the cavern the smell of human waste grew stronger, the ground was uneven and the cavern offered many directions to move in, its tunnels sprawling out like tentacles within the mountain.

006. Thudding footsteps echoed around them and the adventurers instantly knew they were not alone. Bodies littered the floor and in places there were piles of bones ceiling high. The dead began to rise and the party without hesitation begun slaying them and looking for the scroll.

007. The party were met by a grimlock of blind eye and pallid flesh, his teeth stained by years of devouring human bodies. The group aimed for the head so as to affect his heightened sense of smell and hearing and managed to topple the creature.

008. The scroll was found along with other spoils. The party added the following items to their inventory: The scroll (a map of one particular section of the night’s sky needed by Albaric, found clutched underneath a mound of bones in a scroll case), leather pouch with silver fastenings (containing 3 pieces of hematite, 6 GP and a set of engraved bone dice), a quiver of 14 bolts, a dagger, a cloth pouch containing 4 CP and 9 SP.

009. The journey back again – adventurers stayed to rest in the village at the edge of The Red Wood and to collect nuts and bolts for Galgrim of the observatory. Once they returned to Albaric at the observatory they were given a map of a wizard’s tomb where there is rumored to be a magic item (a small sack which can hold more items than any man).

010. Albaric offered the adventurers more work if they should need it, he asked that they retrieve a book from a friend of his in Selvar (a town not too far from the observatory) to aid his work further.

011. Galgrim thanked the party for collecting his nuts and bolts and asked them if they would collect a part he’d had made for the new speck see-er he was building.



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