001. Eli met Annon at the tavern where he had been resting after acquiring substantial injuries, after a brief greeting they set off for Selvar to collect Albaric’s book from an old colleague of his (named Thistleo) as they knew if it was not retrieved soon it would not be long until Albaric himself mounted and rode to Selvar.

002. Upon arrival they were bombarded by recruitments-men begging for a signature of a sell-sword contract. Eli and Annon, both used to the chaos of life in a large township bowed their heads and walked on at brisk pace without saying a word.

003. Annon cut through the town in order to save time and took a route through an alley way. While passing through Eli noticed a cloaked figure entering a door way of what appeared to be an abandoned building. They waited until the man had gone before they took a closer look and Eli found a carving in the wood of the rail which ran alongside the steps to the door. The carving read “The Night’s Reflection – slip in for refuge under the shadows”.

004. The pair carried on down the passage, Annon running his blade along the wall as they went. RRRRIIIIIIPPPPP! Something had torn. The two looked up at the wall, then at the ground and saw two halves of a wanted poster. LEPT LESSER: Rapist, charlatan, unlicensed thief, crook, murder and causing general disturbance. Wanted alive. Reward – 1000 gp.

005. Eli and Annon came out of the alley on the other side of town and were met with Thistleo’s residence, they could see the portly man waiting for them standing at a window on the top floor and so of course he saw them as soon as they emerged. He rushed downstairs to greet them.

006. After tea, apple cake and formalities Thistleo expressed some concern for Albaric being too concerned with his work. Thistleo explained that he has known Albaric a long time and is always happy to assist with his work whenever possible, however lately Albaric had not been to see him personally; he just sent employees and residents of the observatory and now the party.

007. Both Eli and Annon felt uncomfortable with the conversation and tried to skip the pleasantries and collect the book for Albaric. Thistleo handed over the cloth wrapped book and told the party that he enjoyed their company.

008. On the way to Thistleo’s door, in the square Annon had noticed a shoppe he wished to visit; ‘The Portable Ram Co.’. The pair headed for the entrance as a dwarf sized door ram is hard to come by at the best of times (unless it’s dwarf-made – but who has the gold for that?). They entered and began to browse the wares and Annon immediately spotted what he was looking for.

009. The enquiry of the price was a little heated and Annon wanted to test the ram before he paid the price. The shoppe keep took him to a small yard to test prototypes of the models of rams sold in the shop. Annon and the shoppe keep continued to argue about rams and their cost until Annon mentioned the subject of the wanted man, the reward weighing heavily on his mind.

010. Chaos ensued when Annon could not get the price or the information he wanted, he threatened the shoppe keep until he blurted out “MY SISTER KNOWS OF THE MAN, SHE SAYS HE WAS A GOOD MAN, WORKED HARD, SHE FREQUENTS THE EMPTY KRAKENBUT I KNOW NOTHING ELSE!” Anon threw the gold for the ram of his choice at the blubbering old man (along with some extra in the hope he would not inform the guard) and left with Eli to visit The Empty Kracken.

011. Annon and Eli arrived at the bustling tavern, it was almost full to the rafters of patrons. While Annon spoke to that tavern master and paid for the ale, Eli had already begun scouting the area. He noticed a familiar face. Lept Lesser – the portrait on the wanted poster.

012. The pair strategically managed to coax the tavern master into seating them next to the table that Lept Lesser sat at with two others (even though this did entail moving a group of ladies from their table to another, much closer to the boiling steam room of a kitchen). After sitting they began to eavesdrop on the wanted table. They could not distinguish many words due to the din in the building however they could tell that the group were planning to flee from Selvar.

013. A Pair of guards walked in to The Empty Kracken and headed straight for the bar to converse with the tavern master. After a short conversation Annon and Eli saw the tavern master point them out to the guard and Annon had already begun to slip away from the table. The guards made their way to their table to take them under arrest.

014. Annon headed for the table of the wanted man and his party and Lept Lesser (the wanted) slowly got up and started to edge towards the exits with the rest of The Kracken’s patrons.

015. The guards tried to move towards Annon and Eli and grab them – Eli could not step back fast enough and was caught by one of the guards. Annon edged away and tried to hide among the people however he noticed quickly that his pursuer could still see him. Annon then pointed out Lept Lesser and tried to offer to split the reward. The guard insisted he could take the whole reward if he took both him and Lesser and maybe even more.

016. Eli shook the guard off and began to head towards the now diminishing crowds of fleeing people, his attacker threw a spear at Eli aiming to stop him in his tracks and Eli readied to retaliate.

017. Annon shuffled towards the table Lesser’s associates were still sat at and instantly saw his opportunity. He put his machete to the man at the table’s throat, holding his head in a firm lock. He warned the guard not to come any closer and to accept the offer of a share of the reward money. The guard continued to advance and Annon slit a fatal wound across the mans neck. An explosion of blood drenched the table in front of him and he slumped dead in his chair.

018. The few patrons left that had decided not to run in favor of watching the commotion now darted for the door.

019. Eli and his attacker were fixed on each other, battling viciously all the time Eli was taking the combat closer to the exit.

020. Annon’s opposer shot towards him and the bloody table and the conflict became a free-for-all. A mess of bribery to stay in the building, and to not inform the rest of Selvar’s guard and murder, blood and violence.

021. Annon tried to make a hostage of Lept Lesser’s female companion, he trapped her against the tavern wall and warned her not to try and escape. He ordered Eli to take over. Eli approached and grabbed the woman, he asked her why she would associate with this criminal and she pleaded and begged, said he was a good man and was not guilty of the charges he was labelled with. Eli let the woman run out of the door to safety.

022. After the dust had settled (temporarily) the pair looked around, both were wounded and they had with them two guards, one dead, one gravely wounded, the wanted man (unconscious on the tavern floor) and his companion (who looked a sight that is best not described). Annon and Eli helped themselves to a robust drink from the bar and began to board the front windows and doors. They sat, drank and contemplated their fate.

023. After a while they could see a glow emerging from the cracks in the boards and they heard a wild and livid chant. An angry mob of the town and their guard had formed and began to surround the tavern.

024. The pair considered staying, trying to bribe further, bargain their way out however they accepted their fate: they had to flee. Annon threw his drink over a table and bench blocking the main door and threw a burning candle onto it and turned to face the back of the tavern. He tried to push the wanted man out of a back window (in the hope that he will hold some of his value). He was a dead weight, Annon nor Eli could haul him out fast enough and so they left him behind and ran into the night. There was only one place they suspected to be safe: The Night’s Reflection.

Looking Closer.

001. Players met downstairs in an inn they had been staying at for a night or two (some rest was needed before they traveled on) to talk about what they would do next for coin and living arrangements.

002. A frequenter of the inn asks about a rumor that has been going round the surrounding area that the party have been into the depths of the Red Wood and lived to see the sky over Aramoor again. He seems to know something that they don’t.

003. The man was Isidor, somewhat of an outcast. He asks what on earth they went there for and what the party found whilst in there. He suddenly insisted that the inn was not the place to be speaking about such matters and he begged the group to follow him to his home for privacy.

004.The group followed Isidor to his home and disclosed that he knew an ungodly monster had been living deep in the cavern and that there were similar sites filled with blood and death – one of which in a dungeon, once used for storing and creating magical wares (many, many years ago) which is occupied by a group of aspiring cultists. He feels there may be a connection between them and the grimlock they had just faced.

005. The dungeon in question is in the same direction as the small town Helgarunn, where Galgrim’s parts are waiting to be collected. The party decided to not take Isador to Helgarunn or Selvar as he may slow down the completion of their other quests.

006. The party arrive at the dungeon and tentatively descend the stairs. The first room they come to is what was left of a store room, a now quite empty place with bare shelves (barring a few questionable books on lobotomy and cannibalism – unnerving to say the least). They scoured the room hoping for an insight into what may be lurking beyond the next door.

007. Annon stopped at the door to the main chamber, it was locked. He picked the lock and opened the door to see a scene of massacre, the floor was drenched in blood. The metallic smell of young death was overwhelming.

008. Badger noticed a door to the back of the room, they reluctantly stepped through the ensanguined chamber to the door of what they assumed to be the old guardsman’s room. They burst in on resting humans, cloaked with bloodstained hands. A frenzy ensued as the cultists set on the party for entering their lair. The group surrounded cloaked figures and fought until resolution. Another scene of death had been corrected by the group, although they seem no closer to answers.

Seeing Specks

//RECAP// The party had traveled to an observatory upon word of paid work given by an old specksman. They arrived and met Nuria Lisle, a young apprentice who asked them if they would also complete a task for Galgrim, a dwarf who lives and works in the observatory: he needed some more nuts and bolts for his work however he did not have time to go himself. Albaric, the old specksman ushered Nuria back to her work and took the party to his study and they were told after some reluctance that the quest was to collect a scroll from a dark and treacherous place, The Red Wood. An old colleague of his had left it in a cavern deep inside The Red Wood, exactly where inside the cavern he was not sure but he definitely knew it was in there somewhere…

001. The party traveled through The Red Wood in the direction of the cavern and saw what looked like shadowy figures shuffling through the wood..

002. As the party delved deeper into the wood they saw that their eyes did not deceive them, shuffling blights began to surround them, longing to soak their roots in blood.

003. They fought their way through the needled monstrosities, however they seemed to keep coming. The group realized that the blights can release spores to signal other blights to awaken and feed.

004. The party reached the cavern after cutting down the blights, severing their roots from their bodies. Before the entrance they saw a corpse which showed signs of an unusual killing method and trails of blood and human feces leading to the mouth of the cavern.

005. Entering the cavern the smell of human waste grew stronger, the ground was uneven and the cavern offered many directions to move in, its tunnels sprawling out like tentacles within the mountain.

006. Thudding footsteps echoed around them and the adventurers instantly knew they were not alone. Bodies littered the floor and in places there were piles of bones ceiling high. The dead began to rise and the party without hesitation begun slaying them and looking for the scroll.

007. The party were met by a grimlock of blind eye and pallid flesh, his teeth stained by years of devouring human bodies. The group aimed for the head so as to affect his heightened sense of smell and hearing and managed to topple the creature.

008. The scroll was found along with other spoils. The party added the following items to their inventory: The scroll (a map of one particular section of the night’s sky needed by Albaric, found clutched underneath a mound of bones in a scroll case), leather pouch with silver fastenings (containing 3 pieces of hematite, 6 GP and a set of engraved bone dice), a quiver of 14 bolts, a dagger, a cloth pouch containing 4 CP and 9 SP.

009. The journey back again – adventurers stayed to rest in the village at the edge of The Red Wood and to collect nuts and bolts for Galgrim of the observatory. Once they returned to Albaric at the observatory they were given a map of a wizard’s tomb where there is rumored to be a magic item (a small sack which can hold more items than any man).

010. Albaric offered the adventurers more work if they should need it, he asked that they retrieve a book from a friend of his in Selvar (a town not too far from the observatory) to aid his work further.

011. Galgrim thanked the party for collecting his nuts and bolts and asked them if they would collect a part he’d had made for the new speck see-er he was building.

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