Annon awoke in Selvar to find Eli had already gone. He had left a note in his hired chest for Annon “Gone to find safety, it’s better this way.” Annon looked out of one of the only windows in The Night’s Reflection and saw that the elements were still relentlessly plaguing the town. He pulled on his cloak, made for the exit and once outside began to climb the roof to make his escape.

Meanwhile Redulfus, Talos and Gague headed back to the observatory to rest after the strange happenings in Drumlock. They could not chance to stay there another night and so they collected their wage and set off right away, Gague and Talos still mortally wounded. They arrived at the observatory in the dead of night and Redulfus and Albaric tried to send to their wounds as best they could, although Redulfus was wounded himself and had expended much power maintaining the safety of the group. Gague and Badger set off in search of Annon and Eli, leaving the rest of the party to repair.

001. Badger and Gague are delivered a message by a hireling from Eli stating Annon is no longer in Selvar. The two manage to deduce he is likely in Mossment Town.

002. Group travel to Mossment Town and see parts are flooded, including one of the two taverns.

003. The group arrived at ‘The Fusty Stew’ for food and board while they searched for Annon, however as they approached the entrance Annon burst out and was violently ill.

004. Annon and Eli both were affected by the magical force, suffering sickness, headaches and losing consciousness.

005. A passer by (Lucius Pip) offered them a night’s rest as he knew the residents of Mossment Town are usually uninterested in helping others. The party followed him to his home.

006. The party had the feeling someone was watching or following them (particularly Gauge).

007. The party arrived at the home of Lucius Pip, ate and decided to catch up on some rest. Gauge went upstairs to sleep off what remained of his wounds for Drumlock.

008. The party were disturbed in the middle of the night by screaming, shouting and the sound of glass smashing. Cloaked figures were raiding Mossment Town!

009. The party fought the attackers of the town and the hooded women focused all of their energy on the party. It seemed they came for them specifically.

010. A fire was started by Gauge in Pip’s house under the influence of a dark force and the fire caused intense flashbacks for Badger of the desecration of her tribe-land.

011. All assailants were killed before they could escape and Lucius Pip was rescued from his burning house by the party.



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