Looking Closer.


001. Players met downstairs in an inn they had been staying at for a night or two (some rest was needed before they traveled on) to talk about what they would do next for coin and living arrangements.

002. A frequenter of the inn asks about a rumor that has been going round the surrounding area that the party have been into the depths of the Red Wood and lived to see the sky over Aramoor again. He seems to know something that they don’t.

003. The man was Isidor, somewhat of an outcast. He asks what on earth they went there for and what the party found whilst in there. He suddenly insisted that the inn was not the place to be speaking about such matters and he begged the group to follow him to his home for privacy.

004.The group followed Isidor to his home and disclosed that he knew an ungodly monster had been living deep in the cavern and that there were similar sites filled with blood and death – one of which in a dungeon, once used for storing and creating magical wares (many, many years ago) which is occupied by a group of aspiring cultists. He feels there may be a connection between them and the grimlock they had just faced.

005. The dungeon in question is in the same direction as the small town Helgarunn, where Galgrim’s parts are waiting to be collected. The party decided to not take Isador to Helgarunn or Selvar as he may slow down the completion of their other quests.

006. The party arrive at the dungeon and tentatively descend the stairs. The first room they come to is what was left of a store room, a now quite empty place with bare shelves (barring a few questionable books on lobotomy and cannibalism – unnerving to say the least). They scoured the room hoping for an insight into what may be lurking beyond the next door.

007. Annon stopped at the door to the main chamber, it was locked. He picked the lock and opened the door to see a scene of massacre, the floor was drenched in blood. The metallic smell of young death was overwhelming.

008. Badger noticed a door to the back of the room, they reluctantly stepped through the ensanguined chamber to the door of what they assumed to be the old guardsman’s room. They burst in on resting humans, cloaked with bloodstained hands. A frenzy ensued as the cultists set on the party for entering their lair. The group surrounded cloaked figures and fought until resolution. Another scene of death had been corrected by the group, although they seem no closer to answers.



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